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25 Years Later: How Do Baywatch Stars Look Today?

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Do you remember Baywatch? The show that introduced Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra to the world, re-established David’s Hasselhoff’s career and lowered the general IQ by at least 20 points? Well, the 90s were weird, we can now admit it, and the fact that this show was a major hit serves as a fine example. In order to remind ourselves how unrealistic Baywatch was (hot babes running in slow-mo anyone?), we took a look at 11 Baywatch stars and their current looks and status.

Pamela Anderson

 One of the biggest stars to rise out of the Watch, Pam’s career seemed to be on the golden path (despite a notorious home made video featuring her and ex-husband Tommy Lee) but then the world grew tired of Pam and her assets and she now looks like a hag with too many plastic surgeries and a too few b-movie parts.

You won’t believe how much the next Baywatch star has changed!