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11 Ancient Structures That Technically Shouldn’t Exist

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The more we know about our past, the more surprised we are of what we’ve accomplished, or so they say. And, a good example of this is how ancient civilizations often find ways to surprise us with their ingenuity. Take for example their many structures, all of which they built without the aid of modern technology nor techniques. Using only their wit, intelligence and what they had, ancient civilizations built many intricate and beautiful structures. Some may even say that what they built hold an edge over modern structures simply because technically, they shouldn’t exist. Yes, they shouldn’t, but they’re there and they’ve been there for the past thousand years. Curious? I’m sure you are. That said, be sure to click on the next few pages to know the many unbelievable structures that ancient civilizations built!

1. Terracotta Warriors


The terracotta army took 40 years to build and required about 700,000 people. That’s an amazing, if not impossible feat, more so when you consider the technology available during that time.