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11 Celebrity Drug Dealers Tell All

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“I’ve been to TV sets and film sets and I could draw you a map of the mansions of the biggest stars in Hollywood.” These are the words of a celebrity drug dealer, who says he has also “been backstage at the Oscars to make a coke score.” Here’s what the stars’ dark side looks like from within.

Lindsay Lohan

The former child star who went wild provided several stories from different dealers. Before entering rehab she frequently “ordered cocaine and pills. Her favorite was Molly, MDMA, which was the extra pure pharmaceutical ecstasy.” She also spent $15,000 on drugs over one night, according to a man who claims to have been her dealer. Another says he eventually had to cut her off. “Lindsay wasn’t monitoring what she was taking …” he explained in an interview. “I feared she would do a line of coke after some pills and then be dead.”