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11 Common Fitness Myths – DEBUNKED!

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We’re all interested in being healthy and all. In fact, it’s the reason why we all probably have a fitness book or magazine or two lying somewhere around the house. Unfortunately, with so many fitness advice and tips circling around these days, it’s hard to know which ones are real and which ones are not. Those who don’t do their research right, which is MOST people, often believe everything they see. More so if they see it on TV. Though, believe it or not, much of the advice you see or read about today are just total bullshit. Apologies for the lack of a better word, but it’s true. In fact, we’ve taken the liberty of debunking quite a few fitness myths that most people believe in.

1. You Can Out-Exercise a Crappy Diet


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonkwas on a very strict diet for months. After achieving his goal, he went on a SINGLE cheat day to celebrate before going back to how things were. The picture above is of that SINGLE cheat day. And, if his story tells you anything, it just shows that even The Rock knows you can’t out-exercise a crappy diet. No, just no.