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13 Common Tattoo Designs and their
Secret Meanings

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Whether you work in a jail, or you’re in jail, or you’re a normal person, you’ll want to know what certain tattoos means. After all, a lot of people have them and almost everybody wants to get one at some point. You may even have one yourself or have thought of getting one. And, whether or not that applies to you, you’ll be thankful to know what certain tattoos mean. That is because, if you knew what they meant, you’d know what sort of design is best. Or, in worst cases, know what sort of people to avoid as you judge them by their tattoos.

1. Three Dots


The three dots represent “mi vida loca” or “my crazy life”. It’s not really associated with a gang or anything, but the lifestyle itself. You’ll usually find this tattoo in the hands or around the eyes, or even both.