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Craziest Weirdest Army Training Ever

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The SEALs VS. The Usual

We’ve all seen the movies. We DO know that certain units go through hell. However..


The training regimen of the U.S. Navy SEALs is legendary within the world of special operations forces, most notably for the bastard time that is “Hell Week,” a week-long smorgasbord of pain and suffering that, on average, makes half of all recruits to this unit drop out.


A lot of it is the standard stuff — activities range from carrying heavy wooden logs up near-vertical sand dunes to the infamous trial that is “surf torture,” in which soldiers lock arms and wade into freezing cold ocean water. They stay in the water for 15 minutes at a time, take a five minute break to be checked for signs of hypothermia and then are ordered back in over and over again.


All of this happens while having only a total of four hours sleep. And that’s not four hours per day, either — that’s over the course of a week.


There usually isn’t a formal announcement when “Hell Week” actually starts, with the only announcement being the sudden, massive series of artillery explosions and gunfire, and the screams of the instructors telling everyone to get their asses outside.


That’s because in preparation for what has to be the world’s worst surprise party, the entire base is tricked out to simulate a combat zone. The central courtyard where the trainees are made to exercise is lined with barrels filled with artillery simulators, which, as the name would suggest, are blanks that replicate artillery strikes all the way from the whistling of the “incoming” shell to the very massive and very real explosion that soon follows. The trainees will continue to do their drills among the random explosions, while instructors walk among them, screaming and firing off hundreds of blanks from machine guns.

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