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17 Food Hacks That’ll Change How You
See And Eat Food!

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Let’s face the truth. Not every one of us is born with the hands of the chef. Sure, we can always cook a hot dog or two there, but not much else. Sandwiches are nice too, but they’re not always filling. And, I know for sure that you’re already tired of takeout. But, since you don’t know how to cook, you’ll just have to put up with what you know. Or do you now? If you just take the time to read through the following tips below, you’ll find out that eating delicious food doesn’t need to be as hard as you think.

1. The Perfect BLT


Making BLT isn’t easy, more so since slicing bacon isn’t that easy. But, if you slice bacon the right way, everything becomes a whole lot easier. Not to mention, much more delicious.