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From Fat To Fit – 13 Celebs Who Lost A Lot Of Weight

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Nowadays it’s very easy to forget one’s health and to give in to the abundance that can sometimes suffocate instead of nurture. When you’re a very famous person the temptations are even worse, as you can afford almost anything and the material world seems to be knocking at your door, bringing you all the goods it has to offer. So here are 13 famous celebs who gave in to temptation only to repent later and lose the excess baggage.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the most successful and wealthy women in the world, Oprah dedicates most of her precious time to help other people by promoting meditation, self awareness and mutual respect. She’s been fighting weight gain and went back and forth with her diets throughout the years, so we do hope to see her staying on the right track.