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7 Most Popular People On Youtube RIGHT NOW

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We often wonder how people do it and get quite jealous of them, but how do people make a living posting videos on YouTube? A lot of people have done it and millions of videos are posted on the site every year. With all the videos out there, it is hard to be found. However, these seven YouTube stars have found a way to break through and they ARE seven of the most popular people on YouTube right now! Maybe we should write them and ask for tips? Check out these YouTube stars!

The Slow Mo Guys


They started their YouTube channel back in 2010 and it is basically them recording different things in slow motion! Seems pretty simple, right? Why don’t you ever come up with these ideas? The channel was created by Galvin Free and Daniel Gruchy and it now has over 4 million subscribers! Add in the fact that they have over 300 million views of their videos, so we had to include them.