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21 Must See Rare Historical Photographs

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People take photos without thinking of what they may mean in the future. More often than not, it’s used to capture that very moment, which is somehow sad. Why? Because people fail to realize how important and sentimental these photos can be, once one looks back on them. Put it simply, a simple photo today may be so much more meaningful in the future. Whether it’s a photo of a loved one, a self-portrait or even a sentimental place that, due to some circumstances, will no longer exist in the future. That said, these photos were most likely taken without really much thought. But, looking at them, it’d be wrong to say that they’re not one of the most rare and meaningful photos in history.

1. Unknown Vietnamese Soldier, 1965


The eyes of this soldier may be telling you another thing, but the words on the hat tell of a different story. Truly, war is hell.