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25 People Who Are Doing It Wrong, Very Wrong

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You’re Doing It Wrong is a catchphrase commonly associated with FAIL image macros and videos. The phrase can be used to suggest there is room for improvement in almost any context of forum discussions and user comments.


The earliest known reference of “You’re Doing It Wrong” can be found in the domain name YoureDoingItWrong.com registered on January 21st, 2004; however, there are no archives or records regarding the content of the site.


Along with the FAIL phenomenon, “You’re Doing It Wrong” image macros began to gain traction mainly via imageboard sites like 4chan in the early 2000s, spawning a colorful variety of FAIL images ranging from sports and pop culture bloopers to news commentaries and political satires, It eventually spread over to the GIF-sharing community YTMND, where it spawned dozens of derivative sites featuring the catchphrase as the title. We are giving respect to this long legacy, with these next 25 images. Begin.


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Parenting. Wrong.