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Pictures of Beautiful Women From All Over The World

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Michaela Noroc is a photographer from Romania that decided to travel around the globe and start a new life. She also started a project called “The Atlas of Beauty”. The project’s goal is to show the planet’s diversity through different pictures of women. By traveling, she not only meets lots of people and learn many things, but also adds more material to her project. She’s also learned to appreciate beauty more and that beauty is everywhere. As of the moment, Michaela Noroc is still looking to add even more materials for her project. This is in hopes that one day, her project may inspire people to be as authentic as possible. And more importantly, not to be a slave to the standards set by global media. If you’re curious to see what Michaela Noroc’s “The Altas of Beauty” is all about, be sure to scroll down below.

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Medellin, Colombia