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8 Starlets Rejected From Playboy Magazine

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If you feel down and like a failure because you got rejected, well, you may want to look at the bright side. Because, just like you, these celebrities had themselves rejected by Playboy. Yes, Playboy. And, I’m not talking of just about any “celebrity”. I’m talking about supermodels and actresses, women who have a huge following of male fans because they’re gorgeous. Why Playboy rejected them? We don’t know. But maybe, if you read on below, you’ll find out.

1. Farrah Abraham


This “Teen Mom” has and will do almost anything for attention. She’s made her own sex tape and even posed nude in different photo shoots every now and then. And, rumors say that she tried her hands on landing a gig on Playboy. But, it seems that Hugh Hefner doesn’t really think of her as playboy material as he’s rejected Farrah Abraham multiple times already.