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9 Things They Say About Kim Jong-Un
That’s Actually True!

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Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un is, what most North Koreans believe, is somehow close to a god. They revere, worship and sing praises to him. They’ve even come to the point that they believe anything that the government says about their Supreme Leader. Take, for example, their belief that Kim, or well, his father and grandfather, are gods. Or how he’s the perfect incarnation of their “Eternal President” Kim Il-Sung. Though, as much as you’d think that everything about Kim Jong-Un are all lies, some are actually true. Sure, these facts aren’t that scary, but they are, at the very least, weird.

1. Kim Jung-Un Doesn’t Have Any Military Experience


Yes, the rumors are true. Kim Jong-Un didn’t receive any military training prior to taking position. But hey, when you’ve got oozing manliness, intellect and god-given talents, who needs training? ¬†Apparently, not Kimg Jong-Un. Not even when he’s leading the fourth largest military in the world. one with 1.1 million active members and a military reserve numbering 8 million.