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Top 7 Fattening Foods In The Univerese
You Should Never Eat

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What is it about fattening foods that lures us in like moths to a flame? Fat is flavor, after all, so the more fat a food has the tastier it will be. Add in copious amounts of salt or sugar, and you’ve got a prescription for addictive tastiness. If there’s one way to demonstrate the genius of man, it’s through his ability to cram as much fat as possible into food. Steak is fatty on its own, but why not batter and deep-fry it? Then, just for kicks, let’s top it with cream gravy! Seriously, It’s a little ridiculous. A burger patty can contain upwards of 20 percent fat, so let’s fry a half-pound patty on a griddle and top it with cheese and bacon! Why? Because it’s freakin’ delicious, that’s why.

So while there are good fats and there are bad fats, most of the fats we consume are undeniably bad. And these foods contain more of it than just about any other food on earth.

Chocolate Cake


No matter how many recipes you may see for “healthy” cakes, cakes aren’t healthy. However, some cakes are less unhealthy than others, and if you bake your own cakes, you can make substitutions to improve their nutritional profile. Choosing angel food cake, for example, allows you to have a slice of cake without consuming the very high amounts of calories, fat, sugar and sodium found in many frosted cakes.